para Paulo, César e Lúcia

Aquí viene la vieja bruja negra del Gran Paraguay!

[Francis Bacon, "Painting 1946"]

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cesar disse...

i was weaving the threads today, climbing up the tree of sacrifice. banging the cymbals, wandering about dressed as a girl, invocating the fire that lies underneath the waters, to start making noise pure and simple. i listen to the sounds of cats full of jealousy and competition, i dive in the blackness of the hair of my sweet lover, that becomes snakes in my ink. rituals of darkness, expressing the impurity of our mother ocean, our mother blood, pierced badly by our heavenly father. he's now asleep as usual, a vagabond father, laying in a net made of clouds, ever forgetful. while our mother plays with her children and gives them the sexes of the sun. we eat from her cauldron and have visions for three days. snaky women dance between the flames and the barks full of fruits, fruits of lava dripping.
one message i have to you: the sky is pale blue,the vixens are coming back